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Managed Care Reform Council Offers Assistance to Kaiser Fraud Busters

Kaiser Permanente is a medical Enron with many fraud systems to expose. Every day across the United States people are losing their health and their lives due to the unconscionable acts of greedy Kaiser administrators and accomplices (including many who wear white coats) who believe they are above the law.  All it will take to stop the abuse is one whistleblower inside of Kaiser going after fraud. You can be the one.


If your nagging conscience is not enough, there is the potential of a reward through the government if the fraud includes misrepresentations of care to the government. 


Keep good records. Do not use a Kaiser phone to make the call.  We can help with the rest.


                                    the Managed Care Reform Council

                                    Contact: Charles Phillips, M.D. FACEP


Dr. Phillips is available at this phone number approximately every other day. If he is unavailable you may leave a message and he will return your call as soon as possible, or if you prefer you may also contact him by email.  It is highly recommended that you do not make contact from a Kaiser computer system or telephone.  Your privacy is of utmost concern, and your identity will be kept confidential unless you give permission for your name to be used. Thank you.


Kaiser Permanente Hawaii penalized $1.9 million for defrauding Medicaid & Medicare Whistleblower receives $225,000

April 15, 2005, from Pacific Business News - The U.S. and state attorneys general have penalized Kaiser Foundation Health Plan Inc., Kaiser Foundation Hospitals and the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group $1.9 million for making improper Medicare and Medicaid claims.


Full Story


Read the Corporate Integrity Agreement between Kaiser Permanente Hawaii and the Office of the Inspector General here:





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